The Tempelar - the Warrior caste of the High Elves, come down out of the Rivvenheim Mountains to aid or oppose the Land’s many races. So little is known about this ancient Elven race, and less may be explained in such time as we have available to us. More is known of their soldiery, of course, if only by way of shared fortune or contested battles. They are dedicated warriors, holding and defending many allegiances. Confident and bold. Highly skilled, with each warrior devoting many years to his or her specialty. And patient. Above all, patient. The Knights Immortal are rarely rash or hasty in action, and with good cause.

The Knights Immortal aim to rid chaos from The Land, striking with a mix infantry and cavalry.

With the Atlanteans pulling out of the fight for Khamsin in the last days of the battle, the Knights Immortal armies were faced with a difficult choice - fight and die with valor, or retreat and lose all honor. They chose to fight with honor, and were slaughtered against a well-entrenched force

The era of the Knights Immortal died at Khamsin, when Council Lord Jamus failed to capture the Khamita's castle. While the High Elven Council now places their faith in the Elven Lords and the Temple Masters, those High Elves who believe in justice and chivarly now leave the Rivvenheim mountains in greater numbers. With the recent surge of magic from the Solonavi spell, the Elven Lords are in a position to crush the lowlanders in ways their enemies never previously even dreamed of.


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