Reckless and unpredictable like their dragonlord, the Kolaghan take what they want when they want it, including power and dominance within the clan. There is no internal structure to this motley crew of fearsome combatants; they fight among themselves as often as against others. No matter what their target, the Kolaghan strike with the brutality of lightning. Their speed and volatility are represented by their symbol: the dragon's wing.

Kolaghan clan members talk of "the crave"—a kind of reckless warrior spirit that spurs them to battle. They speak of it as a nagging itch, a sense of restlessness, an irresistible need to assert their dominance. It constantly grows within them, swelling to the point of frenzy in the presence of Kolaghan's dragons. When they can no longer contain it, they rush into battle with only one goal: to spill blood.

The Kolaghan claim no territory, although there are regions of Tarkir generally regarded as the land of their clan.

Clan Values

  • Blitz Tactics: Kolaghan warriors can display shrewd tactics on the battlefield, but they have no gift for managing long campaigns. Instead, they rely on swiftness to unbalance and overwhelm their foes. They often take to battle before dawn, streaking out of the hills in packs led by single dragons, slamming into unprepared flanks or unsuspecting outposts.
  • To Ruin is to Rule: The Kolaghan do not seek to gain power over Tarkir so much as to dismantle the power of others. Disrupting an enemy's plans, destroying an encampment, crushing a celebration of a new dragon—that counts as victory. The Kolaghan pine for freedom, from civilization, from limits, from any form of honor or law.

Clan Structure

The Kolaghan clan has little internal structure beyond the basic principle of dragons at the helm, and whatever temporary power can be seized in petty struggles for dominance. The dragonlord is a fearsome leader, using violence, cruelty, and her trademark unpredictability to keep the clan in line. Other dragons of Kolaghan's brood bolt across the landscape of Tarkir, taking prey as needed. Humanoid warriors follow individual dragons but do not have official offices or rank.

Clan Magic

  • Bolt channeling: Kolaghan dragons breathe bolts of lightning, and their presence often summons lightning storms from the sky. Kolaghan warriors exploit this chaotic power by riding directly into the lightning, absorbing it with metal rods worn like banners, and channeling it at their enemies. They do not always survive this tactic, but its suddenness can be effective. The Kolaghan employ archery less than their Mardu forebears, tending to favor lightning magic instead.
  • The Chasm Rake: When Kolaghan dragons soar through deep gullies and chasms, they often rake the rocky edges with their claws or clip them with their wings. These collisions strike sparks and leave scars on the chasm walls, creating fearsome displays that scare interlopers.
  • Thunder battering: The Kolaghan have a head-on philosophy of battle, dealing with obstacles by smashing directly into them. Kolaghan riders turn this into an art by weaving lightning into their mounts' gait, greatly increasing their speed and transforming them into veritable, often explosive projectiles. The roar of an oncoming Kolaghan horde sounds like a roll of thunder.
  • Dakla: Kolaghan archers are trained in Dakla, the way of the bow. They utilize their draonlord's lightning to strike their target, no matter how small, how fast, or how far away.

Clan Roles

  • Warkites: These aggressive dragons are huge, strong, and battle-scarred. They sometimes attack in spiraling formations, building up howling winds between them, then lay waste to an enemy's position with a wave of scouring debris.
  • Warriors: Almost every Kolaghan warrior is a skilled fighter, but only the most fearless and unscrupulous claim the title of clasher. They often dismount and enter the fray personally, seeming to enjoy killing their foes face-to-face.
  • Shriek Bandits: The clan includes many goblins who steal and loot whatever armor, weapons, provisions, or magic they can get their hands or teeth on. These bandits use ear-piercing war shrieks to stun or distract foes, granting a few precious moments to grab their plunder and make their escape.
  • Blood-Chins: Cannibalism is not unusual among the Kolaghan, and some black-mana-aligned orcs and humans seek out humanoid flesh. They gain strength from their feasting and leave bloodstains on their chins as a warning to their enemies. Blood-chins are a fearsome sight on the dragon-patrolled wastelands.
  • Shamans of the Foul Tongue: Most of the clan's true spellcraft is practiced by shamans. Kolaghan shamans ride solo for long stretches, sometimes following dragons for miles and only joining other warriors at odd intervals. They weave magic in a strange occult tongue, thought to be rooted in Ugin's Draconic language but twisted with centuries of dark intent.

When battling the Kolaghan, consider yourself lucky if lightning strikes the same place only twice. (Boltwing Maneuver)

Kolaghan blades rarely stay clean for long. (Blood-Chin Rager)

Like their dragonlord, the Kolaghan take no trophies. They find true fulfillment only in the battle itself, in clash of steel and thunder of hooves. (Flatten)

Kolaghan's army rushes from kill to kill, desperate to avoid the dragon's wrath.


Gvar BarzeelCommanderOrc
Kerai HatesingerWarrior
Khibatthe Revered
Kolaghanthe Storm's Fury
Kolaghan-Brood Dragon
ShensuRiverwheel Mystic
Yasimin AnkleshankTarkir Goblin

Kolaghan Aspirant, Kolaghan Forerunners