The Koskun Mountains are a tall Ulgrothan range rich in coal and stock metals. Koskun Keep can be found there, a fortress of goblin and orc clans ruled by Eron the Relentless.

After the Great War came to a close, the few surviving groups of humanoids settled into the mountain range of the Homelands. There were Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs and Minotaurs, enough numbers so they could continue their families and heritage lines. The Minotaurs settled into a remote part of the Koskun Mountains (named after the Goblin word for "Big Mountains") and lived their lives seperate from the rest of the inhabitants of the Mountains. The Goblins and Kobolds thrived while the Orcs suffered, as the Goblins outnumbered the Orcs by more than ten to one.

When the Plains cultures came together under Serra to form Aysen, the Goblins also organized to confront the threat of the organized nomads. The first Goblin King was chosen from all the families, and Crank led his people until a desperate planeswalker summoned Crank and the rest of the "high court" of the Goblin society to fight in one of her duels. They never returned. The Goblins, however dismayed at the elitehood of the Goblin race being disintigrated before their very eyes, quickly got over it and chose a new leader, a Goblin Wizard named Aliban, the only survivor of the "mass disintegration" that destroyed the elite core of their society.

There was little change until just over a hundred years ago, when a human by the name of Eron marched into Koskun Keep and proclaimed himself King of the Goblins. Eron was quickly put to death, but his miraculous recovery caused the Goblins to eventually put him on the throne. Since then, Eron has managed to build a strong culture out of the clans, families and bickering, and has even negotiated a treaty with the Citizenship of Aysen - they supply the Goblins food and goods in return for fair prices and bartering, and he won't have his Goblins destroy all of the towns and cities of Aysen, and lay siege to the capitol city of Onella. To show his goodwill, Eron had one of his Goblin Wizards teach the Northerners a spell that would supply all the cobblestones they would ever need for building their infernal roads.

The Treaty between Eron the Relentless and Aysen ensures there is enough food to feed all of his people comfortably, but without allowing anyone to get too full or get lazy. The Goblins and Orcs mine and forge constantly, and whatever extra they create is traded either to the caravans from Aysen, or through Eron's contacts to the people trapped in the Sengirian Villages. It's a good position to be in, but Eron knows that it is tenuous. If for some reason the trade caravans stop coming, it will be a matter of days before the Goblins revolt and become uncontrollable. It will take some time for the Goblins to get up enough nerve to try to raid through the Great Wood to Aysen, but if there is no food, Eron knows the Goblins will do almost anything to eat.

Koskun Falls