A tribe of goblins originally from the Oxidda chain on Mirrodin, They were ostracized by the other goblins, but no one except the goblin elders know why.

All the junk, refuse, and offal of the Krark Clan is diligently collected, melted down, and made into more junk, refuse, and offal. (Krark-Clan Ironworks)

The Krark Clan believes it's caught an ogre. The ogre believes he's caught seven goblins. (Krark-Clan Ogre)

Fallen enemies are fed to the scavengers. Fallen friends are thrown into the Great Furnace, their souls returned to the Great Mother. (Krark-Clan Stoker)

"What do you mean, we're out of stuff to melt down? Give me your leg." (Krark-Clan Shaman)

The more weapons a goblin breaks in battle, the more respected he becomes. (Krark-Clan Grunt)

"Well, I jammed the whatsit into the whackdoodle, but I think I broke the thingamajigger." (Krark-Clan Engineers)


Krark-Clan Grunt, Krark-Clan Shaman