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A krasis is a creature that has been created through combining two (or more) different creatures, blending the features of the parent creatures into a composite whole. They are typically created through biomagical techniques

The new Simic Combine is careful not to repeat the mistakes of Vig and his bioengineers, but the guild still uses magic to coax new morphologies from existing creatures, as well as to combine traits from multiple organisms in one. Some of these are unique creatures that can't reproduce. A few multiply and become part of the guild's fabric.

As the Simic released more of their krasis experiments, they required new habitats, always at the expense of the locals.

Subtypes and Variants

Battering KrasisRavnica
Bounding Krasis
Cloudfin RaptorRavnica
Drakewing KrasisRavnica
Elusive KrasisDominia
Jaleeda BirdOerth
Renegade KrasisDominia

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