Kraynox, a massive, many-limbed Phyrexian slick and dripping with oil, never emerged onto the surface for the war against Mirrodin's natives. Instead he built up his power among those within the world and began his great project to weave a new layer between the mycosynth pillars, between the completed Furnace Layer and the core of the world. He now lords over a web-work of platforms and dangling structures that slowly close together and spread like an umbrella between Mirrodin's core and the floor of the Furnace. Kraynox's domain is a shadowed world saturated with oil. Sluices and living vessels lift black liquid up among the hanging buildings and a webwork of aqueducts and pipes carry it around where it is needed. Inevitably, it drips down into pools and marshes on the ground where collectors work to suck it back up again.

"Let them vie for power and carve each other up for a seat closer to the Father of Machines. I will watch them and laugh as their greed and ambition overpowers their patience and will. They will fall, one by one, and then I will rise and claim my power. My roots run deep into the oil, and I have learned much from it." -Kraynox, Deep Thane

Kraynox has constructed an orrery that represents the most detailed conglomeration of his theories of what Phyrexia should look like. Nine half-spheres nested within each other whirl about on a central axis, each pierced by holes marking the paths of various lacunae. Around this structure spin the five suns of New Phyrexia. It's said that Kraynox can use the orrery to divine the future as well as recall his visions of what he believes to be the "past."