Kristoffer Wyld exhibits the Lythite virtues in himself; in a land where hesitation can leave you buried in 7 feet of brutal ice, he’s learned to prize his quick thinking and combat prowess. His love for fighting shines through in every aspect of his life, a virtue no doubt instilled by his father. Kris learned from some of the most elite battle masters in Lyth, dedicating himself to complete mastery of the combat arts. Speed and precision became his weapons more than the brute force of other warriors, making him a prime choice for personal guard.

Kris's years had him working for all matters of esteemed persons. He'd traveled the oceans to Vozit and Ellos, seen the stoney wastelands of Irum, walked alongside Gaderi tribal leaders, and even shaken the hand of Layar's king once, before being awarded a position guarding the most elite school in Balor. Though it was good for the Lythite to be in his homeland, some part of the man still needed to see everything the world had to offer.

So when the school fell to an attack from the Shadow forces, who were hunting the Shadow Crystals sent there for study, Kris took up arms with the forming Human alliance and set out to do his part. He knew the struggle would be long, but deep down he knew this was the fight he'd always been training for.

Kristoffer Wyld