The most enigmatic of the gods, Kruphix has dominion over the potential, the distant, and the unseen. Thus, he is seen as an oracle of dreams. He also governs navigation, mystery, and the cycles of time. Mortals say that Kruphix is the most ancient of the pantheon, the keeper of mysteries that no others are meant to learn.

The reclusive god speaks rarely and counts few worshippers. He often takes no real form but appears only as a Nyx-filled space in the sky. Kruphix's temple is built over a cataract at the very edge of the world.

Kruphix knows the truth of the origins of Theros and its deities, and he understands the price that must be paid for the power to slay a god.

The light in the woods just before dawn reveals a glimmering network of branches, roots, and spiderwebs. The acolytes of Kruphix walk this lattice unseen.

Kruphix hid the most dire prophecies about humankind where humans would never find them and tritons wouldn't care to read them. (Sigiled Starfish)

"Knowledge is cruel. It will break your heart and test your allegiances. Are you certain you want this curse?" (Dictate of Kruphix)

The horizon is tantalizing in both its uncertainty and its potential. (Kruphix's Insight)

Dictate of Kruphix (promo), Dictate of Kruphix, Kruphix's Insight, Kruphix, God of Horizons