With access to profound scientific and philosophical secrets unknown to the rest of the world, the Krypt is a shadow cell within the Russian government, a cabal of strategists and spies that has guided the State High Command for centuries. Throughout the bitter decades of the Cold War, its operatives easily outdistanced all competition save the most skilled American and British agents — predecessors of the modern Banshee Net and Shadow Patriots. The Krypt elevated covert entry and silent kill techniques to a high art form — whenever the KGB needed to infiltrate any facility, no matter how secure, or quietly eliminate any target, no matter how well protected, the Krypt was its first and only resource.

The best known of the Krypt’s Cold War offerings was a startling covert hitman codenamed: BEOWULF, who first exploded onto the scene in 1956, cutting a jagged line of grisly death across Europe. Agile, resourceful, and lethal with all forms of weapons - blades being his weapon of choice - BEOWULF racked up over 100 confirmed kills for the State before he was downed by a bullet fired from the foremost licensed gun in the British Empire, Majestic operative Sir Richard Poole.

Unfortunately, even the Krypt couldn’t prevent Russia from Communist collapse, and as the nation crumbled, the oranization’s leadership scrambled to keep itself out of view. For the most part, it succeeded, though it had to destroy several of its command shelters and sacrifice far too many of its operatives in the process. The Krypt’s existence came out with Russia’s dirty laundry, but was quickly disavowed by its allies still in office.

Chief among these burned allies was Colonel General Yerik Kolesnikov (codename: FOUNDER), who struck a deal with Sir Richard Poole in 1992 to form the Shadow Patriots, and later recruited the hacker radicals known as Banshee Net as an intelligence arm. This union lasted until 2001, when an as-yet-unidentified assassin murdered Kolesnikov and delivered his body to the authorities with details of the Shadow Patriots’ past deeds. This act branded the Patriots as terrorists, revoking their right to asylum and trial, and splintered the spy force into its component organizations once more.

During the last three years, The Krypt has returned to its roots, focusing on fringe scientific development and expanding its stealth action unit, the Cadaver Corps.

The Cadaver Corps’ foremost superspy is none other than Yerik Kolesnikov’s only daughter, “Alex,” a respected member of the renewed Russian Federation and Lieutenant Captain in the Russian Army - who happens to moonlight as a GRU cleaner and Krypt sneak. Sleek, silent, and deadly, Alex is a traceless specter, sneaking across even the most secure areas and leaving none the wiser. This is her talent. This is her gift.


Adam RazirHumanRogue
Alex KoleIron Flower
the Intruder
Anastasia de MainHumanFaceman
Andrei RuschevHumanRogue
Antony RuschevHumanRogue
Arkady GodorovHumanWarrior
Boris ZuchevHuman
Borya GrenigHumanWheelman
Clean SweepHumanWheelman
Dmitri KorpovHumanFaceman
Dominika JonesHumanWheelman
Dr. VeronaHumanRogue
Edik NoskorHumanRogue
Ekaterina GuryenkoHumanWarrior
Elina RostovaHumanRogue
Galina RasvetHumanWheelman
Ivan ChemyshevHuman
Jessica StylesHumanRogue
Josef VoronkovaHumanWarrior
Karl ZaitsevHumanWheelman
King MaulHumanWarrior
Kirianna SemenovHumanRogue
Kiril VavrikovaColonelHumanSoldier
Lila PetrikHuman
Marina MoreauHuman
Maxim GodorovHumanRogue
Mikhail ProkofievHumanWheelman
Nikita KoslovMajorHumanSoldier
Oleg SukharyevHumanWarrior
PyotrMaster SergeantHumanWarrior
Sam HainHumanWarrior
Sascha ElgevHuman
Tatiana RostovaHumanHacker
The WraithHuman
Toe PopperHumanWarrior
Ulyana UstovMajorHumanSoldier
Valentin ProsvirninHumanWheelman
Valeria TremaineHumanFaceman
VetrovSenior SergeantHumanSoldier
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