La Sinja is an Avagarsian from Joka Yilsi, and older sister of Maya Tempora. In the old tongue, her name translates to “The one without evil.” Like most of her family she was gifted with mystic powers from birth. She is what’s known as a “soulblader,” enchanting her weapons with powerful souls that do far more damage than simply drawing blood. By choice, while still young, she trained on Tigbar, honing her weapons skills and climbing the ranks with ease.

She chose the life of a gladiator in order to hone her skills even further, and was entirely successful, gaining a top ranking within months of joining the Justich arenas. With the news of her sister being outcast for the murder of her brother, she took a new path. She hopes to find some answers concerning her family’s breakdown and the strife on Solop Avagar.

In one monumental battle with Macabre, she edged out a win but took serious nanomite damage to her right eye, which now requires permanent surgical enhancement. That has not gone unforgotten.

La Sinja hails from Solop Avagar in the Justich System

"La Sinja has returned to help her sister. With her and the Stranger involved I will need more weapons and soldiers. That is, if you wish to dispose of the witnesses." -Anduen, Avagarsian Nomad

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic

La Sinja Tempora