The laccolith is a large fearsome beast that dwells in mountainous and volcanic areas.

Laccoliths have an unusual respiratory system - they do not breathe as other creatures do. A laccolith takes in breath, but does not exhale. Instead, it holds each breath in its furnace-lung like a great distended balloon. When agitated or struck, acrid gas and magmous bile are expelled violently. Unlike common firebreathing species, this one purges its fiery build-up through a system of small cone-like vents upon its back.

They leave a trail of ash and sorrow.(Laccoith Grunt)

Proximity guarantees injury or death. (Laccolith Titan)

The screams are brief. The silence lingers. (Laccolith Warrior)

They don't feed; they stoke. (Laccolith Whelp)