The sister of Chaav, Lastai is the goddess of pleasure, love, and passion. She is powerfully sensual but neither seductive nor licentious. She is depicted as a beautiful, voluptuous woman.

Lastai teaches that sensual pleasures are meant to be enjoyed, and is not shy about teaching the proper way to enjoy them. As goddess of love as well as passion, she stresses the importance of equality in all kinds of relationships, from business dealings to sexual intimacy. She teaches the enjoyment of food without gluttony, the enjoyment of rest without sloth, the enjoyment of luxury without greed, and the enjoyment of sex without exploitation. Her symbol is a peach.

Lastai's clerics are often called upon to perform wedding ceremonies and counsel lovers. They seek out pleasure for themselves, but that pursuit is less important than helping others find pleasure and love in their own lives. Her faith is sometimes reviled by those who view it as prurient or immoral, but Lastai's clerics argue strongly that sexuality is a good gift meant to be properly enjoyed, not repressed. Lastai has a few small temples, mostly found in large cities, that constantly battle against their undeserved reputation as being nothing more than glorified brothels.

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