"Everything around her suffers." -Haddad, Kipamu soldier

"They no longer care about their own suffering. Show them something worse." -Latulla, Keldon overseer (Brutal Suppression)

"Fields can be replanted. Settlements can be rebuilt. Burn it all." -Latulla, Keldon overseer (Keldon Arsonist)

"You're willing to die for your homeland. I'm willing to kill for it." -Latulla, Keldon overseer (Devastate)

"When Serra made angels, people called her a goddess. My angels are far superior to hers." -Latulla, Keldon overseer (Copper-Leaf Angel)

"Tell me again," said Latulla, raising her fist, "how just one woman held back an entire Keldon platoon." (Entangler)

"If there isn't enough of Jamuraa left to stand on, I will still claim it for Keld." -Latulla, Keldon overseer (Keldon Firebombers)

"You're Latulla's gift to me, and I always play with my presents." (Greel, Mind Raker)

"Battle is our religion. This fortress is our temple." -Latulla, Keldon overseer (Citadel of Pain)

Latulla, Keldon Overseer