Lavato is a world dominated by four Spheres of Influence, each one tied to a God or Goddess of Old: Refess, Lawtia, Gowen and Falkow. These Spheres represent the power left ingrained in the world of Lavato itself by the four sleeping gods. Within each Sphere are countless factions and kingdoms, such as the mercenary nation of Heierrat or the mermaid kingdom. As both individuals and factions fight for supremacy in their own kingdoms, they employ magic, warfare, monsters, assassins and strange alliances with heroes from other provinces. Looming above this sea of intrigue is the shadow of Batora, the ultimate evil, and his promise of return to ravage all of Lavato.

At the dawn of time, there came four mighty gods to the world of Lavato. These Gods of Old are named Refess, Lawtia, Gowen and Falkow. They battled each other with all their power for eon after eon. However, none of them could gain the upper hand for long. In this way, balance was maintained in the world. But one day, this balance was disrupted by an evil of nearly unlimited strength. Batora tore through the walls of time and space, arriving in Lavato with a fury. The gods combined their powers to oppose Batora, but it was not enough.

However, much had changed on Lavato since the gods first began their battle. The time of mankind had begun, and after ages of basking in the glow of four gods, the lands were now filled with oath bound knights, domineering warlords, eldritch wizards, terrifying assassins, and all manner of lycanthropes, dragons, fairies and undead. These heroes lent their power to the four gods, helping them defeat the great evil of Batora. In commemoration, the gods created special magic artifacts in the form of cards that allowed them to summon the heroes' power from wherever they were on Lavato. In this way, they could always be prepared to fight when the forces of Batora attacked. But Batora would not be beaten easily. He redoubled his efforts and the whole world shook in the wake of his singular might. The gods and heroes did not relent, and they finally managed to bring down Batora. However, after the battle the gods were drained of power.

Batora was defeated by the gods and heroes of old; forced to return to its own world. However, the gods of Lavato had exhausted their power. In order to prepare for the time Batora when would reappear, they decided to return from whence they came. They left behind the four most powerful of their number behind in a deep sleep to watch over Lavato. In addition, they created a Divine Child, Karite, who could influence the world in their stead. Now, sleeping, the gods provide power to their champions.

Lavato is the setting for the Altiel online card game

Countries and Realms of Lavato

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