Lazav is a shapeshifting mage who serves as the nexus of telepathic impressions of the entire Dimir network. He (or she, or it) shapeshifts into a variety of guises as his needs and plans require; he may step out into the Ravnican streets as an elderly widow to eavesdrop at the bazaar, become a vedalken hussar to sidestep a checkpoint, or transform into a Tin Street merchant to deceive a passing noble.

"The most insidious thing in the world is nonsense that sounds just plausible enough to listen to." -Lazav (Murmering Phantasm)

"I hear that Boros is losing its angels to the Gateless Movement. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you." -Teysa, to Lazav (Urbis Protector)

While Lazav schemed and Niv-Mizzet researched, Trostani sought the future in the whispers of the past. (Serene Remembrance)

"One tiny peg pulled from a single wagon wheel, and an entire district grinds to a halt." -Lazav (Gridlock)

"Dangerous to recognize. Deadly not to." -Lazav (Dimir Charm)

Until more information could be gleaned about Niv-Mizzet's intentions, Lazav took every opportunity to stall his experiments. (Psychic Strike)

"Ask the right questions in the right way and truth is inevitable." -Lazav (Coerced Confession)

"The Boros lack vision. Give them a convenient scapegoat and they'll be blind to the true threats." -Lazav (Massive Raid)

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind