A small settlement of explorers can be found high in the Teeth of Akoum. It's a small training camp founded and led by the vampire known as Anowon, the Ruin Sage. The League of Anowon trains dungeoneering mages, or as they prefer to call themselves (with a touch of irony in their voices), "liberators"—mages taught acrobatics and "extractive archaeology" in order to best survive ancient ruins and bring home items of magical importance. A fully trained mage of the League of Anowon can make an easy living freelance or as a mage-for-hire. Reaching the camp is no small task, and usually involves taking a griffin from the town of Affa below. Leaders at the camp are rarely physically whole. Teachers tend to take up the role after suffering a career-ending injury—a lost limb or eye, or contact with a crippling magical effect. The camp often attracts preeminent visitors, delvers in their prime who claim to come to the camp for the prestige but who are often looking for expendable student volunteers to help on their next mission.

For all that the school wishes to project an image of forthright respectability, this training camp is frequently shut down for months at a time due to drake attacks, rogue mana storms, seismic activity, or detonations due to misuse of magical artifacts.

"Law is a hazy concept on the wastes of Akoum. Occasionally you hear of an explorer making a claim of theft, some missing idol or pathway stone that got 'taken' from their possession. More often than not, though, it's just that the League of Anowon swooped down into the ruins and found it before 'em." –Josala Marang, freeblade of Affa