The leotau are the mighty lionlike steeds ridden by many knights of Bant. They're semi-intelligent, not capable of speech but smarter than most other animals of the realm, and blessed with a combination of gallant ferocity and intense nobility that make them enviable chargers in battle.

Leotau are strange animals in that they have manes and coats like lions, but hooves and thick, sturdy legs like Clydesdale horses. Some planeswalkers suspect that their evolution diverged from the same ancestor that led to the nacatl, Naya's race of catfolk.

"Leotau that were born wild make the best mounts. It's like riding a thunderstorm." - Rafiq of the Many

"There is no glory in a death of age, as even the leotau know. As winter steals into their coats, they seek the deadliest lands, that they may die as they lived." - Aarsil the Blessed

Knight of the White Orchid, Wild Leotau