A leviathan is a colossal fish or whale-like creature. They are among the largest creatures of the sea.

Compare with Kraken, which is a colossal creature that is more squid-like, and Sea Serpent, which is more serpentine.

"On one of these the Vaneris built their first city." - Captain Alera

"The seas of Thessyria are home to many dangerous creatures, but even the deadliest to the elves are only tools." - Bosun Blacknose (Leviathan Hide)

Noted Leviathans

CoelocaudusLeviathanLeviathan MonarchAnduvia

Subtypes and Variants

Aethersquall LeviathanKaladesh
Eater of DaysConstructedMirrodin
Razormaw LeviathanAnduvia
Screaming LeviathanPoxnora
Trench GorgerDominia