Liliana Vess is a planeswalker who wields black magic. Her specialty is necromancy: spells that reanimate the dead, corrupt the living, and unlock power from death. Her talent for deception is the only thing keeping her ahead of her debt to dark forces. Beautiful, cunning, and ambitious to a fault, Liliana Vess is quietly one of the Multiverse's most magnetic dangers. Liliana's dark charisma is undeniable—she's agelessly striking and sharp as the edge of a razor.

Liliana Vess's most formative experience was her pact with demonic forces. As Liliana faced the limits of her human lifespan, her health and power were waning. She promised her soul to four powerful demons in exchange for everlasting youth and an extraordinary command over death magic. But although she enjoys the benefits of that dark deal, Liliana isn't one to pay her debts fair and square. Believing that slaying those demons will free her from her soul-debt, she's been on a mission of destruction across many planes. Today she appears to be in her 20s, but in truth she's over a century old.

The cost, which seemed so harmless at the time, is now weighing on her. The terms of the contract are etched onto her very skin, constantly reminding her of her debt and those dark entities to whom she's indebted. At times, especially when she casts powerful magic, the etchings show up on her skin like phosphorescent tattoos, every arcane swirl and jagged rune a keepsake of the moment she surrendered her most precious possession.

When the demon Kothophed, one of her four demonic creditors, called in a favor of Liliana, she discovered a way she might begin to get out of her contract. She went on a mission to search some ancient catacombs and to retrieve a powerful artifact: the Chain Veil. In doing so, she ran afoul of Garruk Wildspeaker, and she managed to make a relentless enemy who will hunt her to the ends of the Multiverse. But Liliana also learned the grim potency of the Chain Veil, using it to defeat Garruk, leaving him weakened and afflicted with some sort of dark curse.

When she returned to her master Kothophed with the coveted Chain Veil, she saw her chance. Whatever the consequences might be for using the Veil, removing the obstacles in her way was more important. If Kothophed was one of the reasons her soul was not her own, then he would die, and so would the rest of the demon lords in turn. She summoned up all her strength, made even more potent by the power of the Veil, and destroyed the demon Kothophed

Though sh has already killed Kothophed, the first of the four demons who claim her soul, it has not brought her peace. She still sees the marks that glow on her body when she uses magic, the runic terms of her contract that are inscribed directly on her skin. And the dark power of the artifact she holds, the Chain Veil, tempts her with ever-greater power the more she uses it. She hopes that killing the next on her list will improve her lot.

Liliana's ambition has led her to interact with beings from all over the Multiverse, but ultimately, Liliana Vess's first love is Liliana Vess. She's convinced that everyone's in it for themselves just as she is, but that she's just a little better at playing the game than everyone else.

Liliana has been following her ambitions for more than a hundred years, growing in necromantic power ever since trading her soul to four demons. She now controls the Chain Veil, which helped her kill Kothophed and later Griselbrand, two of the demons who claimed her soul - the latter having escaped from the destroyed Helvault. But the Chain Veil is taking its toll on her. She's currently on Innistrad, recuperating from the backlash of the Veil's power and scrutinizing the terms of the contract etched into her skin. Ultimately, she hopes to learn the whereabouts of her two other demons and free herself from the terms of her contract, but the path ahead is perilous. The demons she's faced have been getting more powerful, and so have the effects of the Veil.

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