Linvala may be a sign of a bright future for Zendikar. Her weapon is a subtle but powerful one—it is silence, the power to halt the noise of evil powers. She's helping forge a new world with this gift of silence, cutting off the roars of the oppressors, letting gentler voices be heard.

Her gift is welcome, because it's a brutal time to live on Zendikar. The adventurers who once tested their skill against pit traps and cobwebbed secrets now must measure up against ancient horrors from the Blind Eternities. The fierce creatures and land elementals of the plane must now face the very threats that gave rise to their plane's famous ferocity. And the angels, their halo-blinders broken, must now behold the raucous, slithering, Eldrazi disaster zone their world has become.

Those who seek to disturb the harmony of life will see their instruments taken from them.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence