A river winds its way down the slopes of Mount Clangeddin and across the plains of Abellio, the first layer of the Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia. Eventually, this river runs off the edge of the layer to feed into a lake at the center of Buxenus, the second layer. While it is true that Abellio has an edge and Buxenus has a center, it is also true that both layers are infinite in size. These are just two of the many seeming contradictions to be found in the boundless reaches of the multiverse.

Although the river rushes wildly as it approaches the precipice, it becomes calm and tranquil at a spot just before the water plunges over the edge. This location is known as the Lip of Purity, and it is a meditation spot favored by many devotees of law. It is a perfect metaphor, they say, for the way that adherence to the rules of nature provides peace, purity, and protection in even the most dangerous situations.  The Lip of Purity is a planar touchstone, and grants powers to fight the forces of chaos to whoever passes its tests.