An Elemental creature made of rocks and dirt that packs a significant punch. Elementalists create Elementals by bonding willing nature spirits into the stones that make up these monsters.

These avatars of the natural realm can be summoned by a specially-trained priest or priestess attuned to the land. When summoned, the elemental will form from any living earth-bound matter through which it is summoned. Grass, wood, flowers, or even raw earth will serve if nothing else is on hand.

According to the writings of Weyr Thorne, living elementals are intelligent forces of nature, creatures with hardy natures but uncertain temperaments. "An elemental will form from any living, earth-bound matter it is summoned through: grass, wood, flowers, even raw earth. Elementalists should never attempt to summon elementals through rock or dead vegetable matter, fungus, withered or dying plants, or soured earth. Such attempts, likely born of desperation, are bound to fail. Worse yet, they might succeed."

Noted Living Elementals

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