The giants of Lorwyn are typical giants - reclusive and aloof, but still recognizable. They are huge physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their every action and emotion are of world-shaking scale, though these are expressed in different ways. Some giants take extroverted actions, striking out in rage or determination at the rest of the world, while others turn inwards with contemplation or meditation.

The giants are a race of hermits, arbiters, explorers, and oracles. Some huddle in mountain caves; you can spot a giant's lair by the enormous, rugged dolmen stones built up around the entrance. Others range over Lorwyn with long, loping steps. You can tell a giant's travel route by the man-sized, earth-compressed footprints and lack of vegetation.

Giants are also packrats. Their subterranean lairs can stretch for miles, and contain a dizzying variety of odds and ends, collected and tossed aside during an epic lifetime. This hodgepodge of goods contain everything from junk to long-lost treasures of immense value and power. Giant lairs also contain knowledge, in the form of mysterious caverns that some lairs expand into. These caverns hold ancient runes that contain knowledge so arcane that only one giant has ever deciphered them—and that knowledge may have been what drove her to madness.

Giants are by far the strongest individual warriors on Lorwyn. Since giants require so much terrain to move around in, they can also be fiercely territorial. Giants also tend to have one-track minds - when they are friendly, they are magnanimously friendly to all beings, but when they are angry, their rage shakes the earth for weeks. If you're forced to interact with a giant, try to maintain its eye contact to hold its attention, lest you be ignored and stomped. Take a page from the kithkin, who converse eye-to-eye with giants by speaking to them from a high cliff. Above all, do not question the dominion of a giant; do not try to wrest control of a treasure, valley, or pet flamekin away from her. Your remains will be found in a five-toed grave.

Giants are blessed with a lofty perspective, and many are trusted by the smaller races as arbiters of difficult interpersonal conflicts. Even when a giant's verdict might sound illogical, his broad perception is trusted. If a giant pronounces a judgment on you, even a negative one, it's best to play along until you can escape the plane.

Some giants are renowned as oracles, trusted soothsayers who see the broadest view of all. They generally only lair at the very top of mountain peaks, reachable only by days or weeks of arduous climbing. Their answers can be among the most valuable experiences a planar traveler could receive while on Lorwyn.

Especially wide-ranging giant travelers keep Cloudgoats as pets and steeds. These trusty mounts allow them to fly to Lorwyn's most distant mountain ranges, and perhaps even beyond the mountains to regions unknown. Giants who range to the farthest points of Lorwyn sometimes bring foul weather trailing along behind them.

However, when Lorwyn enters its Shadowmoor phase, the giants transform. They become only semiconscious, sleeping so long that they have melded with the world itself, carrying huge pieces of land on their bodies. They now lumber across Shadowmoor in a state of feral half-consciousness. Shadowmoor’s giants are like bears whose hibernation has been interrupted. They act according to the basest of urges, and when those urges can’t be sated, they grow angry. When awakened from the long hibernations, the giants are terrible, wrathful beings.

Cloudgoat Ranger, Favor of the Mighty