Said to be the biggest and most powerful Muero ever to exist. No Muero would dare challenge him to single combat, and those that have in the past were no match for this killing machine. Lotraag is cruel and evil. He constantly practices combat in arenas with live Dysori warrior prisoners, sometimes fighting two at once. He has plans to rule his world and if his father does not give him the Motann-Raxx seat soon, he will take it for himself by challenging him. The only Muero that stands in his way is his younger brother, Taarkiis. Lotraag has plans of his own for Taarkiis. He is the Primaag (Admiral) of the forces that are in charge of conquering the Earth system.

The only enemy I fear is my brother Lotraag. (Taarkiis)

I don't care how much energy we use. Fire again! - Primaag Lotraag (Quick Reload)

Only the weak leave their fortunes to the whims of fate. - Primaag Lotraag (Only Fools Roll the Bones!)

Lotraag's attempt to capture the Orinn has failed. His mistake has left us no other choice - we must attack the Soven. - Primaag Suutraal (Crush Their Spirits)

Ha! Do they think me, Lotraag, that I would fall for that. - Primaag Suutraal (You're Mine Now)

Even if I slay a million Dysori, my thirst will not be quenched until I kill Karynn Prosidius - Primaag Lotraag (Bloodlust)

Primaag Lotraag, we can't remember where it is. - The last words spoken by Rarrkar Lugruul Moxx before a blade chopped off his head. (Secret Mine)

We should avoid any action that might draw the Soven into the conflict as our enemy. Lotraag's plan is too risky! - Primaag Taarkiis (War of Words)

We will destroy their will, enslave their people and rape the resources of their worlds!

One miscalculation and Lotraag may have to cut out his own heart. (Suutraal)

No excuses, blast thorugh that damn thing! - Primaag Lotraag (Experimental Force Field)