Lumengrid, site of the Knowledge Pool, source of vedalken arcana, and seat of the Synod, is the major city of both the Vedalken and Neurok.

The isolated capital city of the vedalken is a structure of chrome and crystal in the Quicksilver Sea. Site of the Knowledge Pool and the blue lacuna. It is home to both the human Neurok and the Vedalken. These beings spend their lives in the ceaseless pursuit of knowledge, towards a grand goal that has eluded the species for millennia.

Lumengrid is the center of Vedalken life and the nerve center of the Synod. It is both a grand city and a single structure, set above the Quicksilver Sea. Lumengrid is composed of interconnected walkways, tunnels, rooms and buildings housing all manner of Vedalken learning. The Synod, a group of learned Vedalken elders, coordinate the knowledge transfer, and therefore function as something of a ruling body. Humans also live in Lumengrid, as do drones of Vedalken manufacture.

Places in Lumengrid

NameSite Type
Knowledge Pool

Blue Sun's Zenith, Island (NP1), Seat of the Synod