Lyth is a highly intellectual country, but has been hardened by the rough life of the mountains. They have the most promising schools and their College is second to none.

The country of Lyth was formed during the Last War, when General Arthyle sent a surprise force through the mountains to cross the seasonal ice bridge that connected Gaderi and the northern mountains (also named Lyth). The path proved too treacherous, and the massive force was unable to cross in time. Before they could retrace their steps, though, winter had settled into the mountains once more, sealing them in the bitter wasteland.

Centuries later, the people of Lyth have learned to endure. They’ve kept the militant discipline of their ancestors, and earned the right to be called a country all of their own, even going so far as to abandon the vestiges of the seven gods in favor of a more atheistic approach; after all, what god would create a blighted land such as theirs? Their truest claim to fame is that of Lythite; a special metal said to be near indestructible, and also the very name of the people who consider themselves harder than that metal!

Lythites value a sharpness of mind very much and thus heavily enforce education.


Lyth is almost completely mountain ranges with only small passes here and there allowing travel. Many of the peaks are ice-capped and almost completely covered in snow. The southern border is cut by the mountain range and the River Lyth, from which the country draws its name.

Off the coast are the Isles of Frost, surrounded by the White Sea.

Geographical Features in Lyth

NameGeography Type
Arthyle's PassPass
Isles of FrostIsland
Kristan's Ridge

Cities in Lyth