The current city under construction is called Malagard, and it serves as home for the Lord of the Seventh, Baalzebul. It was a beautiful city of perfectly straight boulevards, fountains of delicate yet terrible visage, and towers that reach straight as an arrow into the blood-black sky. It is the greatest city yet seen in Maladomini, but no one doubts that it, too, will soon be abandoned, as Baalzebul strives for hellish perfection in all things.

The once imposing and majestic city of Malagard now slowly slumps into the dirt, incrementally collapsing with each passing day. Baalzebul used to build and rebuild it incessantly, but he has now given up trying to prevent its demise. Its drooping archways and crumbling bridges stand as monuments to despair, and dispirited devils shuffle forlornly through ever-expanding rivers of trash.

Even so, occasional frenzies of cleaning and repair strike the city’s inhabitants. Such efforts are conducted in a neurotic fury, and woe betide a visitor who gets in the way. But just as quickly as the urge to repair strikes, it ebbs again, and Malagardians sink back into their normal fatalistic melancholy. The city’s rivers of filth grow wider, its buildings deteriorate further, and the atmosphere of defeat becomes ever more oppressive.

Note: The city has a similar name to Malagarde, the Hag Countess, former ruler of Malbolge.

Places in Malagard

NameSite Type
Palace of FilthStronghold