Malakir is the most well-developed city on Zendikar, although still small and simple compared to metropolises on other planes. It is built amongst the swampy lands near a massive ruin known as the Hagra Cistern. It has a reputation for debauchery and decadence, as befits the hedonistic ways of the vampires. The city is divided into five districts, each named after the vampire family that controls it:

  • Nirkana District is built on the water and can only be traversed using the rancid canals that wind through the decrepit buildings. The Nirkana lineage are notorious assassins, including a group called the Lacerators who are feared by vampire and non-vampire alike.
  • Kalastria District is located on the highest ground in the City and doesn't depend on the dykes and levees to keep it dry. It is the oldest, wealthiest part of the city. The Kalastria are the wealthiest family, and refer to themselves as Highborn.
  • Emevera District is in a low point in the city, but it is well protected by giant stone dykes built by the family Emevera.
  • Urnaav District is a mix of stone-paved roads and narrow canals, lying between the low point of Emevera District and the high ground of Kalastria District.
  • Ghet District is a currently impoverished. The family Ghet suffered a major setback in political fighting that resulted in Emevera diverting water around their dykes and flooding Ghet. Ghet has built temporary dams, but the damage to their holdings was significant.

Pulse trackers terrorize adventurers, driving them through the jungle toward certain death at the gates of Malakir.

The traps around the vampire city of Malakir hint at the thirst of its inhabitants.

Each of Malakir's great families boasts a contingent of nulls appropriate to its rank in society.

"Why do we trap the outskirts of Malakir? We have no desire to work harder than necessary. Chasing prey is for dogs and humans. A victim's blood is warmer if it's already flowing. —Alinor of Malakir