An outcast archduke of Hell, Malkizid was once a solar who stood high in the service of the Seldarine. Long ago he was seduced into betraying Corellon Larethian by Araushnee and fell. When Araushnee’s rebellion failed, Malkizid was branded for his treachery and cast down into the Hells. He arose as a devil prince, and quickly carved out his own kingom.

However, Malkizid earned the disfavor of Asmodeus thousands of years ago and was exiled from the Nine Hells, along with a small host of devils who followed him. The Branded King settled for building his infernal realm in the nameless pits of the yugoloths. His servants include the devils who followed him into exile as well as the yugoloths of the pits.

Malkizid is a clever, hateful, and patient devil of surpassing power. He absolutely despises Lolth and her drow, blaming Araushnee for his fall from grace. Likewise, he hates and fears Corellon, since he feels that Corellon might have shown him mercy, but instead cast him down from Arvandor into the Hells. Since Lolth and Corellon Larethian are both above his reach, Malkizid exercises his enmity against their mortal followers - the surface elves and the drow.