Mangara of Corondor is a diplomat and sage. This powerful mage was a force for peace in Jamuura for many decades, that is until he was betrayed and imprisoned inside of a magical stone known as the amber prison. Mangara's disappearance destroyed the balance of power in Jamuura. Only his release could grant the land hope for relief from the assault of Kaervek's undead minions.

Mangara is a wizard who has spent many years living in Corondor, predominately in the Region of the White Woods. He has close allies with the Quirion elves, and it is rumored that he was a pupil of Eskil, a planeswalker resident in the woods.

Mangara left Corondor for Jamuraa some two hundred years ago (Mangara, Jolrael, and Kaervek are all sufficiently powerful that they have reduced their aging process to a crawl) where he quickly used his understanding of politics and his considerable ability to intimidate to return Zhalfir, Suq'Ata, and Femeref to a state of relatively peaceful co-existence.

Mangara is prone to brief but poignant statements. Many of his maxims are double edged; they have a second meaning that is related to his experiences in politics and nation building.

He was trapped in the Amber Prison by the mages Jolrael and Kaervek. He was freed due to the efforts of several heroes, who struggled to overcome Kaervek. In the end, after being freed by his allies, Mangara turned the tables on Kaervek and trapped him in the Amber Prison, restoring relative peace on Jamuraa.

Mangara of Corondor