Too chaotic for even the other warlords of Keld, Maraxus of Keld has devoted himself to serving as a hired killer for the sinister Volrath. A man fond of his work, he's more than willing to put in those extra hours needed to perfect his craft. Maraxus is a brutal warlord with a taste for blooshed.

Marcus had captured Starke. When Gerrard Capashen attempted to rescue him, Maraxus pursued them into nearby mountains, sending lava hounds and ogres to pursue them. When the Weatherlight drives them off, leaving only Maraxus to challenge Gerrard.

When Starke reveals the secret of Maraxus' strength - that he draws power from others - this gives Gerrard an upper hand. In the pitched battle that follows, Gerrard is the clear victor. But before he can convince Maraxus to surrender and reveal the fate of Sisay, Starke comes out of hiding. He had remained behind, and before Maraxus could reveal Starke's role in Sisay's disappearance, Starke stabbed Maraxus in the back, killing him,

"I have no master. I am chaos." -Maraxus of Keld (Maraxus)

"If your blood doesn't run hot, I will make it run in the sands" -Maraxus of Keld

The intensity of their glare was soon surpassed by the intensity of their attack.

"We won't sit like lazy gob-slugs waiting for death to come to us. We'll bring death, shiny sharp, to our enemies." -Krenko, mob boss (Fervor)

"You will sharpen your teeth on my enemies' bones," Maraxus promised them, and his ogres cheered. (Sawtooth Ogre)

"Save me from Maraxus," Starke pleaded, "or condemn me to his wrath. Either way, do not ignore me" (Inner Sanctum)

"Stroke of heat or stroke of blade. Choose your fate, traitor." -Maraxus of Keld, to Starke (Heat Stroke)

Desperate Gambit