Trained in the king’s court from an early age, Marchesa found herself edged aside for the throne of Fiora by her less competent brothers. She resentfully left the court to gain influence over revolutionaries and assassins who appreciated her genius.

"All who set foot in Paliano are pawns in someone's play for power." -Marchesa, the Black Rose (Deathreap Ritual)

Marchesa's plan to seize the throne of Paliano spanned years and finally came to fruition at her arranged assassination of the ghost king Brago by Kaya's hand. Through bribery, intimidation, assassination, forgery, and other underhanded means, she then took the throne. Now she rules the High City of Paliano as queen, ruthlessly silencing those who oppose her. Her symbol, the Black Rose, now appears everywhere across the city as a sign of her influence.

Marchesa, the Black Rose, Power Play, Queen Marchesa