An entity so powerful that she had to be imprisoned deep under the ice. Reportedly not a planeswalker, yet seemingly able to appear on different planes somehow. Able to motivate her followers to do her bidding, even while she slumbers.

"Marit Lage lies frozen in a glacier's heart. Still her dreams take form in our world, stealing the heat from our souls." -Halvor Arenson, Kjeldoran priest

Dread Marit Lage lies dreaming, not dead. (Marit Lage)

"Our world has not felt her thundering steps in lifetimes, but Marit Lage's presence is still with us." -Halvor Arenson, Kjeldoran Priest (Marit Lage)

"The shamans of Marit Lage do her bidding in secret, but they do it gladly." -Halvor Arenson, Kjeldoran priest (Brine Shaman)

"Cry to the sun and watch as even your tears forsake you." -Acolyte of Marit Lage (Dehydration)

Marit Lage token