Marta is a homid ahroun among the Wendigo. She is a proud, vain warrior.

"I will not merely kill the Fenris thugs, I will utterly destroy them. Let them see their blood on my face and hands!" - Marta (War Paint)

"You can't run forever, pup!" -Marta (Stalling for Time)

"The Fenris whelp staggered back as I struck for the face again and again..." -Marta (Swipe)

"...but Marta grabbed our desperate foe by the scruff. She lifted her over her head..." -Talks-to-Spirits (Might of Thor)

"Let the Fenris dogs see Packmother's blood on my face and hands as a reminder of their failure at the dam!" - Marta

"So Marta, who do we toast next?" -Regis Wallace (Culling the Unclean)

"Marta is none too popular with some of us, Regis..." -Hunts-without-Lobes (Choose your Side)