Masako is a stern noblewoman in Konda's court. She is Konda's eyes and ears in Eiganjo Castle.

Konda's servants dared not neglect their duties for a moment under Masako's icy gaze, knowing that what she saw, Lord Konda would hear.

"It seems that each time I visit Lord Konda his guards are more on edge, perhaps even more eager for the war to reach them." -Masako the Humorless (Inner-Chamber Guard)

"This god held prisoner in human hands has put all humanity in the hands of angry gods." -Masako the Humorless (That Which Was Taken)

"Despite the massive forces that allied against him, Konda never once believed he would lose the Kami War." -Masako the Humorless (Reverence)

Masako was privy to a great many of Konda's deepest secrets, and her hair was always perfect. (Ornate Kanzashi)