As a tool of the demon Rakdos, Massacre Girl leaves a trail of terror and murder wherever she goes. She's a contract killer who has eluded capture by threatening the lives of officials who attempt to investigate or detain her. She's notorious for inciting chaos and riots but whether this is out of personal ambition or at the behest of a client is unknown. The suspect is directly linked with forty-seven murders and suspected in the massacre of Selesnya missionaries in the Rubblebelt. The suspect has been classified as "untouchable" in the past, although that status is now up for redefinition in closed meetings of the Senate. Recently, all of her records were either stolen or destroyed in a fire at the South Records Hall.

As the bounty on Massacre Girl rose, so did the number of imitators. (Thrill-Kill Assassin)

"You can always count on the Azorius to ruin a party." -Massacre Girl (Restore the Peace)

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