He was a top general for the Tarn Space Rangers, the Tarn system’s most elite military force. In 2338 his ground vehicle was destroyed and many Rangers were killed in the process. He was paralyzed from the neck down and was rebuilt using cybernetics. It was never revealed that he and his men were hit with friendly fire because of a superior’s order. The incident was instead blamed on Maximillion for purposely entering the area and disobeying orders, and he lost his title and honor. He fights in the arenas to gain the support and trust of the people, so that he may regain his former glory and expose the truth.

He is heavily armored, strong, and skilled with most weaponry. Nearing the end of his career in the arena, he's already a legend, and shows no signs of losing a step.

Maximillion has slowly been building a reputation in the Tarn System for his superior leadership ability.

Sacrifice is part of war. --Maximillion, The Conqueror (Gercan Side Step)

EMP suits amplify the wearer's bio-energy to devastating proportions. --Maximillion, The Conqueror (Blasting Surge)

If you want to win, do as I say.

General Anu’ s teammates maneuver like a Beha'wan through the Forests of Volke.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic

Maximillion (Ophidian Wars), Maximillion's Command