The Mechad originate from a planet orbiting a double star near the edge of the galaxy. Their homeworld is an extremely mechanized society where machines control every process. The Mechad Holdfast is their name for their society.

Individual mechad units are constructed to have physical forms appropriate to their task. The Mechad Holdfast includes organics, but they are second-class citizens at best.

Mechad ships use an electromagnetic field (EMF) defense instead of shields. The EMF shields can withstand much more damage than traditional shields, but require much more energy. They also require energy regulators known as Nodes. EMFs do not block transporters like shields do. Mechad ships also utilize Trams and Distortion Cannons as heavy weapons. Their light energy weapons include both phasers and subspace whips.

To maintain their hold on an area of space, the Mechad frequently deploy orbital power bases. These bases efficiently harness power from the world they orbit and transmit power to nearby Mechad ships.

Unique Technology

  1. Distortion Cannon
  2. Electromagnetic Field Defense
  3. Tram
  4. Subspace Whip
  5. Supercomputers