Meloku is the soratami ambassador to the human world, especially to the human students of the arcane at the Minamo School.

He loved his cities in the clouds. When he traveled to the lands below, he brought many reminders of his home.

"Do not react to force in kind. Turn it aside. Direct it to where it can do no harm." -Meloku the Clouded Mirror (Hinder)

"These nezumi, they disgust me. The things they will do for money no other thinking creature would consider. This, of course, makes them useful beyond words." -Meloku the Clouded Mirror (Nezumi Cutthroat)

"Lies and deceit do yield results, but legitimate authority is the ultimate form of control." -Meloku the Clouded Mirror (Aura of Dominion)

Meloku the Clouded Mirror, Mirror Gallery