A merregon, or legion devil, is humanoid in shape, with deep red skin. It wears studded leather armor and a chain coif, and it sports a vicious snarl that reveals sharp teeth. It carries a longsword in one hand. Its other arm ends in a bloated, iron-studded forearm with a small, withered hand hanging from its end.

Merregons are Hell’s weakest foot soldiers, warriors that serve in vast, endless legions. They overwhelm their enemies by working together as an effective team.

Individually, a legion devil is relatively weak. When encountered in numbers, they are formidable opponents who can easily overwhelm powerful foes. While legion devils are dim-witted brutes, they seem to form a sort of group mind when gathered together for battle. They fight with uncanny cunning, coordination, and tactical insight.

In combat, legion devils readily adapt to the situation they face. They prefer to move in tightly clustered groups, the better to take advantage of their many special abilities. They attempt to swarm toward a foe and overpower him with sheer numbers. Their immunity to fear is reflected in their brutal disregard for casualties. Even as screaming orbs of energy rip into their ranks and voracious demons rip through their regiments, the legion devils fight on.

Legion devils live an existence similar to mortals. They require barracks, training grounds, and other support to fight effectively. On Avernus, thousands of legion devil barracks stretch from horizon to horizon. At the first sign of an attack, or before a major incursion from Hell, the ranks of legion devils can take days to march from their encampments to a battle site.

Legion devils are the utter ideal of law within Hell. They are utterly loyal, fearless, and perfectly routine in their lives. They go through strictly regimented schedules each day, patrolling, marching in formation, practicing, and maintaining their camps.

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