The third layer of the Nine Hells is a fetid swamp of mire and pollution. Acidic rain, bitter winds, and flesh-slicing hail rule the bog. The waters of the marsh are so cold in some places that they have iced over. In others, the dank water boils and steams with infernal heat.

The incessant rains of Minauros are frequently augmented by skin-flaying hail. Examination reveals the hailstones to be balls of polluted ice, sometimes containing hooks, shards of metal, or the still-sharp teeth of long-departed devils.

Terrible creatures with no names swim the murky waters, and even devils fear to stray too far from their various cities. Where the layer is lowest, a constant dribble dribble of slimy water sluices into a long fall down to the fourth layer. Many a lost traveler and petitioner has accidentally been caught up in that long, lethal fall to Phlegethos.

Countries and Realms of Minauros

Cities on Minauros