On Mirrodin, the leonins thrive. They have adapted to the plane, and like most creatures of Mirrodin, have their flesh fused and intermingled with metal. The males' manes resemble metal cables, and their claws are nasty metallic structures.

The leonins of Mirrodin dominate the Razor Fields, where they harvest the blades to form weapons and tools. "We sculpt the land into what we need—homes, armament, fortresses of war. Our strength comes not only from knowing, but from commanding the terrain."

Taj-Nar is their Ancient Den and central city, and houses the throne of their leader, or kha.

Leonin of Mirrodin are a shamanistic culture, and they worship the five suns, especially the white one. When the black sun is ascendant, they keep a bonfire burning in Taj-Nar, to keep the light going until the white sun returns. Leonin raising ceremonies take place at the white sun's dawn, the rebirth of artifacts mirroring the birth of a new day.

They have domesticated flying beasts called pterons, and use them as mounts. The elite pteron flyers are called Skyhunters. The skyhunters were born when the first leonin gazed at the heavens and wished to hunt the birds overhead. Every young leonin wishes to become a skyhunter, for they soar closest to the suns. Skyhunters obey a creed of courage and loyalty, never failing to help a friend in need even in the face of grave danger. "We leonin have come to rule the plains by taking to the skies. Take the deadly grace and strength of the leonin, combined with a pteron mount capable of rending a foe in two and armed with notched steel. That is a skyhunter - and why Taj-Nar has never fallen." - Raksha Golden Cub, leonin kha.

Leonin who specialize in hunting big game are known as shikari. In contrast to the skyhunters, the leonin shikari are those weaponmasters who hunt on the ground. Shikari use special magic to warp the razorgrass, using it to bind and trap their quarry. The hunt is almost a religion for most leonin, and the shikari are greatly honored.

Leonin religious leaders known as abunas must spend a year in the wild zones of the Razor Fields before they can earn their clerical robes. Abunas lead other leonin in the traditional Sunroar, a holy ceremony of sun worship. Only leonin clerics who can survive the Razor Fields for one turning of the suns can stand in the Cave of Light.

Leonin judge-seers called arbiters practice a ritualized form of holy magic. The arbiters use their cataract-afflicted eyesight to read the positions of the suns for omens. Their advice is used to settle disputes and to determine punishments for enemies and lawbreakers. Some arbiters have scars from Whitesun vigils undertaken in the Cave of Light.

"Every scratch tells a story, and every notch has a name. Four generations have held this blade. You shall not disappoint them." -Initiation of Laena, skyhunter

"I may be kha, but without my soldiers, my people, I am nothing." -Raksha Golden Cub

"The wisdom of the elders is just as much a weapon as a sword or spear. We must learn to wield it." -Ushanti, leonin seer

The strongest of the pride are measured not by the steel in their hands but by the steel in their souls.

No one under the four suns can elude the watchful eye of the den-guard.

Leonin Arbiter, Leonin Den-Guard, Leonin Elder, Leonin Skyhunter (MBS)

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