Mirran vampires are the vampire variant that dwells on Mirrodin. They are vaguely similar to normal vampires.

Mirran vampires have slightly fanged canines, but their fangs are not their primary means of ingesting blood. Rather than drawing blood through elongated canine teeth, they siphon blood through elongated finger adaptions. Their middle and index fingers are enhanced with long, syringe-like digits, and their digestive system has been replaced with blood-recirculation pipes. A system of blood conduits inside the vampire's body channels and distributes blood from the entry point of the syringe digits to the rest of the body.

In the years since the Nim Onslaught, more vampires have been spawned and their nature has changed. Faced with the choice of becoming nim or becoming vampires, Moriok increasingly chose the latter, and now entire communities of vampires exist, often where a Moriok settlement once stood. The vampires contest for control of territory and undead servants, each hoping to one day steal control of the Vault of Whispers from Geth. They ring the Vault at a great distance, each a potential besieging army biding time.

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