Both complement and antithesis to his older brother Urza, Mishra also mastered the intricacies of artifice. It was Mishra's strength that first gave rise to the massive Phyrexian war engines on Dominaria, and it was his weakness that pushed him, Urza, and Dominaria itself to the point of annihilation.

As young men, the artificer prodigies Urza and Mishra, brothers, discovered two artifacts of immense power in the Caves of Koilos: the Mightstone and Weakstone. Each coveted the other's stone, and over time this led to a rivalry, a kind of arms race as each tested his abilities as an artificer, and finally, a brutal war. Mishra used Phyrexian machines to advance his cause, and his dealings with Phyrexia corrupted him and drove him partially mad. The Brothers' War ended at Argoth when Urza used the Golgothian Sylex, a Thran artifact, to decimate Mishra and his forces. When the dust cleared, Mishra was gone, and Urza began his long quest to defeat the one who he believed turned his brother against him: Yawgmoth, Lord of Phyrexia.

Mishra kept notes on many of his artifact creations - their offensive, defensive, and other capabilities - in his journals. However, many of these notes are written in a cryptic scrawl that has yet to be deciphered by scholars or broken by spells.

A sojourn through time gave dark inspiration to one gifted young mind.

Tawnos finally cracked the puzzle: the strange structures did not house Mishra's malevolent creations but were themselves among his creations. (Ankh of Mishra)

For years scholars debated whether these were Urza's or Mishra's creations. Recent research suggests they were invented by the brothers' original master, Tocasia, and that both used these devices. (Grapeshot Catapult)

Invented in Mishra's earlier days, the rack was once his most feared creation.

Invented in Mishra's earlier days, the Rack was once his most feared creation. (The Rack)

Though he eventually came to despise Tocasia, Mishra listened well to her lessons on clarity of purpose. Unlike his brother, he focused his mind on a single goal. (Mishra's Workshop)

The first line of defense against Urza and Mishra, the Artifact Blast achieved widespread fame until an unlucky mage discovered it was useless on the devices the brothers had already created. (Artifact Blast)

This horrid invention clearly illustrates why Mishra's lieutenant was feared as much by her troops as by her foes. (Ashnod's Battle Gear)

With their factories long destroyed, some of Mishra's creations still toil in remote areas, endlessly performing and reperforming their last orders. (Assembly-Worker)

While exploring the sacred cave of Koilos with his brother Mishra and their master Tocasia, Urza fell behind in the Hall of Tagsin, where he discovered the remarkable Mightstone. (Mightstone)

The helix was the finest example of Mishra's campaign strategy: if he couldn't have Argoth, no one could. (Mishra's Helix)

"Though their ideals are leagues apart, Urza's and Mishra's creations have a surprising harmony with one another." -Tocasia, journal entry (Urza's Factory)

"If you can't catch them, cut the trees down from beneath them. Force them to fight on our terms." -Mishra (Treetop Rangers)

Unlike previous conflicts, the war between Urza and Mishra made Dominia itself a casualty of war. (Strip Mine)

The very ground yielded to Mishra's wishes. (Mishra's Groundbreaker)

"Arcum is a babbling fool Phyrexian technology is our greatest blessing. Take this delightful trinket for instance . . ." -Heidar, Rimewind master (Mishra's Bauble)

By the time Mishra was defeated, no mage was foolish enough to rely heavily on walls. (Battering Ram)

Before Urza and Mishra came to Argoth, the herders prevented their creatures from stampeding. During the war, they encouraged it. (Elvish Herder)

During the brothers' childhood, Tocasia took them to explore the sacred cave of Koilos. There, in the Hall of Tagsin, Mishra discovered the mysterious weakstone. (Weakstone)

Deep in Yawgmoth's realm, Urza stopped dead in his tracks and rubbed his soot-filled eyes. "Mishra?" (Urza's Guilt)

Though Mishra was impressed by the staves Ashnod had created for Zegon's defense, he understood they only hinted at her full potential. (Staff of Zegon)

Those who believed the city of Kroog would never fall to Mishra's forces severely underestimated the might of his war machines.

"How is it the legged engines seem so much more alive than their wheeled counterparts? Simply, they were born, not made." -Mishra (Dragon Engine)

Mishra, Artificer Prodigy, Mishra