Long ago, Niv-Mizzet invented a light, strong yet malleable, fireproof metal while he was etching the entire Guildpact text from memory onto a single droplet of water. He entitled this new wondermetal “Mizzium,” derived from Niv-Mizzet, of course. Then he completed the Guildpact transcription, set the droplet ablaze, and started again on the antenna of a caterpillar. It all took about a minute and a half.

Mizzium has become a valuable resource to the entire city of Ravnica, including the other guilds. Niv-Mizzet sees no reason why he should not share his own genius with the dolts of other guilds. Why should their limited vocabularies not include the regular use of his own name and/or creations?

"Mizzium may be impervious to fire, but obviously certain other things can . . . modify its form." -Ivos Koba, indrik handler (Stomp and Howl)