Modred of Carcius has served the Storm for seven hundred years, undying within its embrace. His loyal servants have sworn to protect and guard the Storm, and to follow it on its journeys through the Lands of the Accord. Now they have returned.

The Storm is coming. It rises on the distant horizon like a harbinger of destruction, sweeping across the skies in awesome glory. Amid its black thunder come dark horsemen that serve and guard it. The ancient Hierophant of the Deverenian Church rises from its kidst, calling out to those who would serve... forever

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

"Bear the arms of righteousness, daughter. You will need their might." - Modred, Hierophant of the Storm (Thunder Mace)

"I've spoken to Modred, my fair Duchess, byt the Hierophant hath no time for the likes of thee." (Duke Blackthorne)

"Blessings unto all. The Storm cometh." -Modred of Carcius (Mass Heal)

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