A homid ahroun among the Bone Gnawers. He works as a bartender at the Ragnarok Casino.

"Welcome to the Ragnarok, bud. Name your poison."

"Everyone wants to try to work things out, but nobody seems to want to back down. The only rule seems to be: Keep the fights out sight of the tourists!" - Moe Stimple (Lay Down the Law)

"The Ragnarok opened last week. The doors aren't open 15 minutes when the Talons show up like they own the place. Bad luck for them, the Get of Fenris own it!" - Moe (Scout the Dregs)

"It was three in the morning in the middle of August, and I found some blood-drunk Talon out back raising Cain and gutting the help! Boy, did I let fly on his hide!" -Moe Stimple (Strength of Purpose)

"That cursed Talon gave me a rough go. In the end he fled as some other Gnawers and a few Get gave chase. He figured me for dead. But I sure wasn't gonna let no dog-nosed punk finish me off." -Moe (Survivor)

"Now I'm ready. Just let that Red Talon come back to the Ragnarok." -Moe Stimple (Silver Claws)

"Let's lure them in. I know just the place." -Moe Stimple

"You'd think I'd be able to steal better stuff from the 'Rok than this." (Cheap Kitchen Knife)

"You might say I take my work home with me." (Pattern of Theft)

"The 'Rok cleanup started out okay, but then Moe started serving drinks on the house." -Root Beer Charlie (Molotov Cocktail)