"My mind is the spread of the canopy. My heart is the embrace of the roots. I am deathless Llanowar, its fury and its peace."

"The world calls and I answer."

"Gaea's memory is eternal, and she exists in all things." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer (Pulse of Llanowar)

"Before armor, there was bark. Before blades, there were thorns." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer

"There's never been a dwarven smith who could match the marvels that Gaea herself forges." -The Elvish Champion

"There's never been a dwarven smith who could match the marvels that Gaea herself forges." -Elvish champion

"Braid her branches, life fulfillingGoddess loving, Goddess killing." -Citanul chant (Blanchwood Armor)

"Never underestimate the ability of natural forces to adapt to unnatural influences." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer (Quirion Dryad)

"Jewels cannot be eaten nor gold drunk. What civilization trades, nature simply provides." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer

The dying ask for water because they know it contains life.

Mirri listened intently, even as Hanna held the healing water to her lips. Would the sound of the spring drown out the elves' approach?

Though many have come to this place to wash their wounds, the water has never turned red. (Natural Spring)

"Let the forest spread From salt, stone, and fen, let the new trees rise." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer

Life needs no encouragement. (Overgrowth)

"Don't envy the grandeur of drakes. Their impression of grace fades when the first gust sends them crashing into one another." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer

"The raging winds . . . , settling on the sea, the surges sweep, / Raise liquid mountains, and disclose the deep." -Virgil, Aeneid, Book I, trans. Dryden

"This was quite possibly the least pleasant occurrence on the entire expedition." -Disa the Restless, journal entry (Hurricane)

"From shards and splinters I call forth my living horde." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer (Artifact Mutation)

"Dominaria touches us all." -Molimo, maro-sorcerer (Wandering Stream)