One of many monasteries, Zerth'Ad'lun follows the teaching of Sensei Belthomais, a 16th-level monk. Belthomias teaches a specialized martial art (as do many monasteries), and those students who fully embrace his teachings are also called Zerth cenobites. Those who practice zerthi - “Zerth's teaching” in the githzerai tongue - claim to peer a moment into the future in order to aid their martial expertise.

From the exterior, the monastery appears almost like a small glade of stone spires and towers layered around a sphere about a quarter-mile in diameter. Taking full advantage of the subjective gravity of Limbo, the interior of the monastery possesses winding stairs that connect “floors” to “walls” or “ceilings.” All the surfaces are really floors for those who don't mind adjusting their own subjective orientation.

Vast halls provide room for mass martial arts training, while hundreds of tiny cells lighted by dim candles pro- vide privacy for individual meditations. The schedule of a monk at Zenh'Ad'lun is strict and harsh, but the rewards of the spirit are considered sufficient compensation.

The monastery welcomes visitors and may put them up for as long as a week in quarters set aside for hospitality. Non-githzerai who are interested in studying at the monastery are allowed to do so, although the supplicant must be willing to spend a few months in the monastery learning the basics and abiding the schedule of a cenobite.