One of the three Princes of Anguish. This Slayer and his brothers are Sub-Generals in Destruction's army and part of the first wave of Great Creatures to attack our world. First spotted rising out the of the East China Sea off the coast of the South Korea. A secret naval port on Jeju Island sent 3 destroyer class vessels to respond to what the captains and crews were briefed as, "an anomaly at sea". All contact with those 3 ships have been lost. Now reports are coming in from all over the world about water craft going missing or being out right destroyed with little to no warning.

After Mool's attack of the Jeju naval vessels, he was next spotted crawling out of the East China Sea onto the shores of Incheon where he began his land attack. South Korea immediately deployed Goliath, their mecha stolen from North Korea, in response.

Mool the Water Lord